Thursday, March 19, 2015

Photo Gallery

Commission pieces, sculpture, and functional Metal Art.

Tshirts DIY

"Uniforms" are done. Gotta assume a craftsman would be crafty,  right?

Booth 2152 at Lansing Home & Garden Show. We be looking good....

Can't find what you like. Design and do it yourself.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Who's going to Lansing Home & Garden Show?

Yikes, it looks official. This is really happening!

The countdown is week until the Lansing Home & Garden Show. See you there?

Life with an artist

Life with an artist: it may be the dinner table (see earlier post) or that space-we-just-created-by-moving-the-couch. When in need of a warm place to create, any space will do. :)

Home and Garden Show

Wanna see more??

You'll have to visit my booth at the upcoming Lansing Home and Garden show - March 19-22 at the MSU Pavilion.


In addition to creating the Valentine lily that weekend, I knocked out three more awards... taking over the dinner table one night to finish them. Lots of drilling holes and grinding, but the end product always makes it worth it!

Valentines for the lady(s)

Valentine for the lady(s) in my life. My wife is the beautiful lily in full bloom, and the buds are the daughters she gave me. Love em all!
[More pics soon]

We make key fobs too

Here is the final result. Two key fobs included. Pretty snazzy, huh?

Saginaw Ornament

Custom job with love from Saginaw. Paint is drying now (not pictured). Ahhhh...

Reo Town Red Sculpture

Another glimpse of the red sculpture, this time during the Art & Craft Beer Festival last weekend in REO Town.
Beer and photo courtesy of David Such. :)


TEASER: It's bright and tall and on display in REO Town this weekend...

[picture is only the top half]

Simplified Tax

Just a little something for my friends at the new Simplified Tax - St. Johns. I trust only Simplified Tax & Accounting Service PC. for my taxes...


Got a weekend of ornament making ahead of me. Do you want to throw an order into the mix?! Time's running out...

City of Eastpointe

Congratulations to the City of Eastpointe, the latest recipient of a custom award by yours truly... Thanks, Jennifer Rigterink

All 'bout them holes

I'm all 'bout them holes, 'bout them holes...

Get your ornaments now!

Michigan Mitten Ornament

New for 2014
Michigan Mitten Ornament

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