Monday, August 25, 2014


Check out the redesigned website for Gud Marketing... Oh, AND the sculpture I made for them. They did the fancy camera work that makes it look even better! :)

We are glad Lansing Art Gallery likes the sign

woo-hoo! My friends at the Lansing Art Gallery are showing off their new sign. Looks sharp with the lettering in place. Thanks, Ladies.

Walk of Art

If you cannot make it to Elk Rapids to see the sculptures in person, here is a quick virtual tour for you... and no tired legs

Lansing Art Gallery project

As promised, here's another project... delivered to the happy ladies of the Lansing Art Gallery. This sidewalk sign can easily be moved indoors/outdoors, and won't blow over in the gusty downtown corridor. It came with aluminum panels that will become various signs stuck up with magnets - interchangeable for that special event...

Delta Township

Darn it!!!!!!!!!!!
My proposal for Delta Township was not selected.

Just a minor road bump in my journey to artistic excellence, and another runner-up notch in the belt ...

Fun in the sun

What's a guy to do when his family is enjoying sun and fun at the lake... without him... for the upteenth time this summer?! 

BE PRODUCTIVE. Knocked four art projects off the list, including the Borg Cube, a perspective sculpture, a bell cradle, and a sidewalk sign. Stay tuned for pictures this week...

Monday, August 11, 2014

Borg cube

Custom made for a star trek fan to put in her office cubicle. .... this is the finished Borg cube, with a new paint job and a hook to hang from. Looks good flying through cubicle country...