Wednesday, June 20, 2012


An awesome testimony for Dace K-13 Metal Art.

I created some custom piece's of artwork for a wedding in Williamston, MI. when Natalie saw the art she decided that she would create a wedding registry so friends could purchase piece's as a wedding gift. See the testimony below.

After that trip, we decided to start thinking about a local artist or crafter we’d like to include on our registry. We’re fortunate to have a handful of uber-talented artist friends whose stuff we’d love to own, but we’d much prefer other people to buy for us. One of these friends is Dace Keogosdkrstnasuskt, who makes awesome metal art. That may or may not be the right way to spell his name, but you can more easily find him on the Interweb by searching for Dace K-13 ...

You can read more on her blog at the link below.

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