Wednesday, June 20, 2012

"River Respite"

I submitted a proposal, earlier this week, to Art by the River – a river trail exhibit this summer by the Lansing Art Gallery. Here are a few pictures of my maquette. I’ll let you know the results next week. Wish me luck.
Concept Statement
I have fond memories of living on the Grand River, and the long canoe trips with my young family. I’ve included these memories in the sculpture, “River Respite”. It’s the lazy bend in the river where the lily pads and cattails congregate. It’s calm and quiet. It’s the darting color and endless amusement of the dragonflies. It’s the wonder and amazement of frogs – especially when dodging little hands. It’s the children inevitably hopping about the riverbank, from one imaginary lily pad to the next.
This sculpture is intended to be interactive and photogenic; the passerby is encouraged to sit for a spell, and children can mimic a frog on a not-so-imaginary lily pad.
River Respite

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