Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hello World

Artist Statement: As the son of an artist and master metal smith, my blood is the confluence of the two.  It was inevitable that metal would become my medium.  Encouraged from an early age not to follow parental paths, artistic expression was not given much attention – or repressed all together.  However, flashes of passion and skill with the sterile medium garnered praise and support that fueled the dormant flame.  I am a metal artist!
I’ve created a wide array of functional and artistic metal pieces, finding pleasure in the process of creation – plan, sketch, fabricate, and deliver.  The intellectual exercise and challenge is motivating, and the craftsmanship of handwork is very rewarding.  I enjoy creating unique objects that are used or encourage interaction.  I like abstraction because of the mental engagement required of the viewer.  Their past and present experiences will “personalize” what they see.  My work simply offers a platform for mental junkets of whimsy and peace.
 Biography: Dace Koenigsknecht has been creating functional and artistic metal pieces since 2006.  He grew up in the house of an artist mother and master metal smith father.  Both were instrumental in developing his artistic eye and appreciation for handcrafted work.  It was this unique environment of artistic creativity and practical creation that proved to be a fruitful foundation for future success.
A chance meeting with a blacksmith in 2006 led to an informal apprenticeship in which Dace gained understanding and appreciation for the fluidity of iron.  The normally rigid and sterile substance becomes the perfect expressive medium with the addition of heat.  The basic skills of the blacksmith can be used in numerous combinations to create stunning, long-lasting pieces – whether a functional fireplace screen or a beautiful garden sculpture.
Dace is the founding secretary of the Blacksmiths of Woldumar guild, which has grown from four initial members to regular attendance of 20 or more.  He is also an active member of the statewide organization, Michigan Artist Blacksmith Association.  Dace is a multi-year participant in ScrapFest in Old Town Lansing, where sculptures are created of scrap metal in less than two weeks.  In addition, Dace is a proud member of Grove Gallery Co-op in East Lansing, where several of his pieces are available.  He is available for commission work.
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