Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Get The VOTE Out!

No, this is not a political appeal of any sorts. However, your opinion matters! The outdoor exhibition ‘Art by the River’ in downtown Lansing this summer was designed in part to engage the public in a dialogue about art. Each of the artists, me included, has recorded the inspiration for our entered piece and a brief biography. In addition, the gallery has created a website where you can view the same information – and VOTE for your favorite piece. The signs on our pieces include both the phone number and a QR code for you techie-types. How cool is that?
But, it only works if you participate. Take some time and come downtown to view the works in person, it really is a nice place to be – especially when the sun is shining. If you cannot get here, at least visit the website and leave a comment or a vote – even if it’s not for me (though how could that be?!?). A lot of people took a lot of time organizing this event, and eight artists took a lot of time putting together the pieces. Having met most of the players now, I can say they are nice people that deserve to know their work is appreciated. Click on the below VOTE button to go to the website scroll down and then Click on the same VOTE button and watch the votes tally up!

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