Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Scrapfest 2012 - Iron in the Blood

Scrapfest2012 sneak preview
Dace K-13 Metal Artist has entered Old Town’s Scrapfest for the 3rd year in a row.  This father/son team is named “Iron in the Blood”.  Iron in the Blood has worked day and night for the last two weeks with one day left before the sculpture needs to be installed in Old Town. It’s hammer time! No pun intended. During the Festival of the Sun and Moon the judging, bidding, and People Choice Award for Scrapfest will take place.  There has been lots of sweat and tears but fortunately NO BLOOD except in the name! One never knows when working with metal and fire.
Below is a sneak peak of what you will see at the Scrapfest on Friday and Saturday (June 22nd/23rd). Please come and admire “Iron in the Blood”s hard work. Of course we would also appreciate a peoples choice VOTE and a bid. The proceeds from the Scrapfest competition will be donated to the Old Town Commercial Association (OTCA)!

Scrapfest2012 sneak preview
Iron in the blood at work
Iron  in the blood at work

Scrapfest sneak preview

Iron in the blood at work

For more information please visit the links below. Thank you Old Town Commercial Association for inviting us to be apart of this exciting adventure. ~Christie Koenigsknecht!/OTScrapfest

To see Dace K-13 artwork please visit us on Facebook, Twitter, and Word press

To vote for “River Respite” visit Lansing Art Gallery's Art by the River event.

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